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I'm a poet and I didn't even know that I am one.

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here [May. 2nd, 2003|09:37 am]
I'm a poet and I didn't even know that I am one.
I had a terrible dream that one of my friends died, and I woke up stuffy and sweaty. But the dream was very good, and even beautiful up until that point. I was at some area that was part beach (with sand, rocky cliffs behind me, but I saw no ocean), and everything in front of me was sort of like a MAX stop (seats in a few places, covered areas, etc.) only much bigger, and there were five fountains there. I don't remember what exactly was going on in it, but I think it had to do with me going on in my life. In my pocket were a few coins, and I was going to make a wish at each of the five fountains with the coins. Someone told me that "your wishes that you make at these fountains WILL come true, so make them good ones.". I don't remember what all my wishes were, but I went around to each fountain making wishes. The first one I think was "let Tobers live long with me", the second had something to do about "let us all stay friends", the other two I don't remember, but the last fountain was hard to find- it was behind a brick wall, but there were two fountains behind it. One looked like just a small pool in the ground and the other had two waterfalls going into it from the walls on the sides. I didn't know what to do, but I had enough coins. I threw a coin at the pool looking one first but it didn't make it to the water and just hit the floor. I thought about picking it up and throwing it in, but that could have jinxed it (a failed wish, trying to make it again), so I threw in another coin and made it. Since I didn't know if that was the real one to throw them in or not, so I wished at the one with the waterfalls. I looked at the coin and my body tensed up. "To make it" was my final wish, and the coin flew into the water, making a small splash. I stood there, waiting for something to happen. But nothing did, and I went back to the sandy area. For some reason my parents were there, and they told me that my friend had died. They said they died from an allergic reaction, and I thought of a swampy area with a hat in the water (the point of view was from the marsh, hat in front of me which was covered in water sort of, but everything was green/brown), which seems like it was an important place of memory. I was so sad in the dream, and I was waking up at the same time. So I woke up.